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Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market

Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market

Price: $5.00

To Purchase Contact:
Lakeview Auto Sales, 573-392-0555 or

Location: 300 North Business 54, across from the Eldon Airport.

Posted: Aug 22, 2014

Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market
Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market
Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market
Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market
Need Sellers Outdoor Flea Market

Our flea market is growing!!! come join us on Fridays and Saturdays. We need dedicated sellers to help get our flea market up and running this year. Any type of merchandise is welcome, except live animals. Set up in the grassy area between Lakeview Auto Sales and the Eldon Inn between 7 and 9. There is no space restrictions at this time so bring as much as you want. We encourage sellers to post their own online ads to let buyers know you will be here and include some photos of your items. This will help us gain the recognition we need to attract the most buyers. Restroom is available in our office for sellers.
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Title Price
upright freezer $175
2000 Cobalt 292 $41,950
Condo $83,900
Look for Gel/Fiberglass Tech $0
Service Advisor $0
Hiring Residential Cleaners Now! $9
PRICE & Quality! $159,900
CHARMING Home MLS#3106909 ds $339,000
Spectacular View! MLS#3106829 co $1,298,000
Dining Table $599
FABULOUS WATERFRONT!MLS#3106392 tv $499,500
GREAT BUY!MLS# 3103230 lr $294,000
Pink Purses $40
Metal Sofa Table $159
New Web Site $5
GREAT BUY! MLS#3106755 rr $349,000
Outdoor Table base $100
NEW 2009 MLS#3106229 jh $299,000
Spectacular View!MLS# 3105733 mj $219,000
Spectacular View!MLS#3106461 jh $309,900
Spectacular View!MLS#3106461 jh $309,900
GREAT VIEW! MLS# 3105616 jj $174,000
CUSTOM BUILT HOME! MLS#3106601 bb $450,000
Spectacular View!MLS#3104980 ap $475,000
Beautiful Penthouse! MLS#3106699 mm $245,950
HOT NEW LISTING!MLS#3108207 ck $159,000
HOT NEW LISTING!MLS#3108207 ck $159,000
HOT NEW PRICE!!!MLS#3106461 jh $309,900
AMAZING!MLS#3106591 dh $275,000
MOTIVATED SELLER!MLS#3106363 jc $284,500
RESORT LIVING!MLS#3108040 te $78,000
OMG ONLY 86,900! MLS#3107996 rw $86,900
HOT NEW LISTING!MLS#3107910 db $189,900
ATTN. Developers MLS# 3106607 $392,000
JUST SIZZLING!MLS#3104811 re $112,000
tree fertilization $0
Housekeeping $0
JUST REDUCED 3BR, Top Floor! $184,900
Osage National The Pines Condo @+2 $800
JET DOCK for Jet Ski $750
Rare Update Atrium Ranch $474,900
Mako 2201 Center Console w/ 225hp e $26,900
Unfinished, priced to sell... $49,900
GREAT HOME!MLS#3108968 $365,000
HOT NEW LISTING!MLS#3108808 $478,000
HOT NEW PRICE!MLS#3107233 $145,000
HOT NEW LISTING!MLS#3108910 $249,500
HOT NEW PRICE! MLS#3105733 $209,000
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